How To Embed a HTML5 Video in a DITA Topic for the Webhelp Output

If you want to embed a HTML5 Video in a DITA topic for the Webhelp transformation when using oXygenXML Editor, the steps below might be useful to you.

Steps to Configure the Object Element for Video Output

  1. Open the topic where you want to insert a video in the oXygenXML Editor.
  2. Click the location where you want to insert the video.
  3. Add a new Object element to the topic.
  4. Edit the Attributes for this Object element and a value of “video” to the outputclass attribute.
    The videoclass Attribute for an Object element</p>
  5. Add a new param child element to this Object.
    Enter the name of the param as src.
  6. In the value for this param, enter the path to the MP4 video file. (If you want to embed a youtube video, you can enter the URL to the youtube video here.)
  7. To specify a fixed height to the video add a new param with the name width and enter the required width as the value for the param. You can even enter 100% for the height or width params and the same will reflect in the output. DITA Object for Inserting a Video Element in a Topic </li>

    • Generate the DITA Webhelp output to see the video in the help output.</ol>
Written on March 6, 2015