Does Your Resume Represent You Or A Million Other Job Seekers Who Are Your Competition

My Resume Sucks and I Hate It

I hate writing and re-writing my resume. The reason I hate it is because most of the times I have written my resume, it doesn’t sound like me. My starting point for writing my resume has always been a great looking template that I found on the net, or the resume of a friend.

Is there a better way for me write about my career history, qualifications, skill set that is valuable to a hiring manager, than the boring cookie cutter format that is indistinguishable from everyone else’s resume.

The Human-Voiced Resume

While I was wallowing in these feelings, I came across a refreshing article by Liz Ryan, called How To Write Your Human-Voiced Resume.

What’s Special About This Resume?

The Human-Voiced Resume helps you tell your story in a way that helps the reader visualise the path you have taken till date. It provisions for a way to showcase the impact you have made in your career. Helps put your achievements in context.

I am now re-writing my resume as a Human-Voiced Resume. I will post my attempt on this website. So do come back in a week or so.

Read the article and you will love this human way of writing your resume – How To Write Your Human-Voiced Resume.

Written on March 23, 2015