Four Stages of Writing to Help You Write Your First Blog Post

Writing your first blog post can be daunting task. You may even encounter a serious case of writer’s block. In this video I talk about the four stages of writing that can be used to write your first blog post. These four stages of writing take you through the process step by step and by the time you are done with the process, your blog post will be ready for publishing on your blog.

The Four Stages Of Writing

Stage 1 – Understand Your Goal – Why are you writing this article and for whom?
Stage 2 – Article Outline – Write the key points of your article in not more than 3 to 4 points.
Stage 3 – Main Body – Write paragraphs of content that support your key points.
Stage 4 – Edit and Polish – Edit the article for crispiness and flaws.

You Are Done

Publish you article.

Written on April 27, 2015