A Personal Branding Map for a Budding Movie Director

If I were a budding Movie Director trying to get a foothold in the industry, how would I go about making my digital presence felt. What would I do build my reputation online, when no one knows and no one will give me a chance to show that I really can do.

What Do I Want People To Know About Me?

Of course I don’t want people to just know me, but I want to people to know me for something. I am probably good in one or more genres of movie making but I hope that I am awesome in at least one genre of movie making.

Before anything else, the answer to the question above is of paramount importance. The answer to the question – What do I want to be know for? – will guide and stay true to my course. It will help me get over writer’s blocks which are sure to come. It will help me to channelize my energy towards one pursuit.

My first goal in the process of getting discovered, would be to become a maven about all things Movie within the genre that I want to be know for. I believe that my first movie will probably tank horribly at the box office and will make people avoid my next like the plague. But hey, no matter what how my first movie turns out, I should so lucky to get a chance to make that first movie. If getting that first chance as nobody is close to impossible, then I need to chart my own path to that first big ticket movie.

Where Does My Path Start? A Blog to Begin With

My path would start with a blog. Irrespective of who I am, what I do for a living, if I can’t communicate my ideas, I am dead in water even before my career starts. As of today (March, 2015) I can’t think of a better and more appropriate way to share my ideas with one and all other than through a blog of my own. Writing about what I care about on my blog would help build my online reputation and also help people to communicate back to me personally about those shared ideas.

There are a lot of social media networks out there, but I would want those networks to come to a home of my ideas and that is best done through my blog. My blog becomes the home of my ideas.

The Freemium Model To Paid Gigs

The second thing that I would do is offer free consulting using a simple but effective platform like the sohelpful.me website. This could help producers, other budding movie makers, or anyone who is part of movie industry get to know me better. Plus I gain brownie points for providing free expert help when they were in a jam.

Make YouTube My Friend

Youtube has made many music artists famous. This article on mashable.com talks about 15 artists who found fame through youtube. I am certain that I can get noticed for my movie making skills if I am regularly posting short movies, sketches, talking-head videos on a Youtube channel of my own. I might even make some money from the youtube channel.

All In All – I Have Got To Market Myself Online

The only way I can hired for bigger and bigger projects (if that is my goal) is by showcasing the value that I bring to a project using free samples of my work self-published on the web.

Are you a movie maker? How would you use the web to get known or get famous?

PS: I am not a movie maker. I just put myself in the shoes of one for writing this post.

Written on May 25, 2015