6 Customer Engagement Ideas for a New Apparel Store

A friend of mine recently started an clothing and apparel store. That got me thinking about how she can go about using the internet to increase foot falls to her store. And not just increase the foot falls, provide new ways for the potential customers to engage with her business.

Idea List

Idea No. 1

Start a a fashion tips blog on her website that is relevant and targeted towards her target market segment.

Idea No. 2

Build a coupon generator on her store website. The purpose of the coupon generator should be to provide added incentive to the website visitors to both keep visiting her website as well as give a strong reason to visit the store.

Idea No. 3

Create virtual Suit Assembler on the website. People who want to buy a new suit but are not able to decide what materials to choose or what styles to choose get a taste of the final product will look like based on the choices they make on the website.

The suit assembler can also go the next step and ask the visitor to enter his vital statistics and show how the suit will look on their body type and dimensions.

Idea No. 4

Allow website visitors to generate and send discount coupons to their friends and family.

Idea No. 5

Choose a specific type of clothing to sell. May be only wedding suits and clothing. Or may be only corporate style suits and clothing. Establish her store as a leader in a small niche.

Idear No. 6

Let people to subscribe to clothes rather than make an outright purchase. This is an entirely different business model than what she has set out to do but goes along the lines of discovering disruptive business models.

Experiment To Survive and Thrive

These ideas are just a start and the only way my friend’s apparel store can survive and thrive in this hyper competitive world is by experimenting with various pricing models, sales models, service models, and marketing models.

Written on June 17, 2015