Building Static Websites Using Pelican Is Fun

I wanted to build a static website for a new website to host stories that I have wanting to write from a long time. I spent a long time thinking about what to use to build the story website. I considered a lot of options: Wordpress, Joomla, a custom PHP based website to help with reusable components (for headers, footers, menus, etc). After thinking about it for a while and also after a lot of Googling I felt pulled towards using a static site generator.

This website uses Jekyll and Github Pages, but I wanted to learn something new so that I can satisfy my craving for learning something new and end up with this new website that I needed for the stories. And so, Stories by Sundar ended up bring built using Pelican. A Huge Thank you to the Pelican Team.

I really enjoyed using Pelican for building the site and what made the whole process even more easy that a tutorial by Peter Kazarinoff. You can see more of Peter’s work here: @professorkazarinoff.

Peter’s detailed tutorial had everything that I needed for my website and so I shamelessly followed his tutorial to build my website. Thank you Peter.

Written on July 2, 2018