About Me

Sundar Nadimpalli's Skills Word Cloud

I am not ignoring the risk of sounding too vague and unfocused, but depending on what needs to get done I play the part of following roles:

  • An Employee
  • A Project Manager
  • A Web Developer
  • A Professional Technical Communicator
  • A Business Analyst
  • A wannabe Marketing Writer
  • A former Entrepreneur
  • Hopefully an Entrepreneur again in the future
  • And a few more I think

In addition on a personal level I play the roles of:

  • Father
  • Son
  • Husband
  • Friend
  • Mentor / Guide

I hold a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering and bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering, but the bulk of my work experience is in the IT industry.

I currently working as a IT Analyst and a Project Manager. Project Management is a fascinating role and really challenges ones people skills to the limit.

I try to write as frequently as I can. You can find my writings on this website, and I also write on LinkedIn.

Disclaimer: The Opinions expressed in this website are my own and do not represent those of my employers, colleagues, or anyone else unless stated otherwise.